Thinking of Selling on Your Own?

Home-owners decide to sell their homes on their own for different reasons: perhaps a bad experience with an agent in the past; perhaps desiring to avoid the presumed pressure of an agent; perhaps they've been told it isn't hard. But the most common reason is the desire to save on the commission. However, research data shows that sellers who hire a professional agent earn between 15% - 20% more than those who choose to sell it on their own!

The sale of a home is unfamiliar territory to most home-owners. A misstep or mistake can potentially cost thousands of dollars, and the seller may never even be aware of it!

How Can I Help You? 

I can give your home dramatically better exposure in the marketplace.

I can expose your property to the best, most qualified, most serious buyers.

I can provide skilled, 3rd-party negotiating leverage.

I can get more money for your property.

I can handle the complex details of the transaction. 

Let me help you avoid lack of exposure, bargain hunters, unqualified buyers, deals falling apart, and potentially legal liability issues - the all-too-common occurences for those who sell without professional assistance. 

Let's get together and explore the best way to get the most money, in the best time frame for you, and with the least amount of hassle!  

Give me a call at 626-290-1250, or send me an email at Let's sell that house & do it well!

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