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The popularity of living trusts, sometimes referred to as “revocable trusts,” has steadily been increasing and becoming the preferred method of transferring property at death in many situations. The main advantage of a trust is that it avoids probate, saving time, money, and added stress when it comes time to sell. Having your property in a trust allows your children to have immediate access to your assets.  While there may be Do-It-Yourself methods of creating a trust, I advise hiring an attorney to create your trust to ensure everything is covered properly. 

Selling a home that has been placed in a trust is not as complicated or time consuming as selling a property in probate. But there are some requirements and procedures that are different than a typical home-sale. In selling properties in a Trust, it's important to have your documents (a copy of the Trust itself, any addendums, and original copies of the Death Certificate) reviewed by the proper professionals to ensure that any potential issues can be resolved at the beginning of the process. 

I have carefully hand-selected a group of professionals crucial to this process as part of my Client Support Team. We are here to make your job of selling the family home as easy and pain-free as possible. 

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