Masterfully Marketing Your Home

Real Estate Digital Marketer Certification

The best realtors are marketing masters. Unfortunately, the vast majority of real estate agents consider themselves simply “salesmen”.  This mindset, or misunderstanding, serves as a huge disservice to the public, both home-buyers and home-sellers.

The fundamentals of marketing are unchanging, yet as things within society change, the practicalities of marketing must change with it. Most agents are unschooled in even the basic fundamentals. 

The masterful real estate agent will continue to innovate and improve his methods with time.  The old way of marketing – which is sadly still used by the majority of realtors – is referred to as the Old 3-P’s: Put the listing in the MLS, Put a sign in the yard, and Pray that the home sells!

The professional marketer will use the New 3-Ps: Preparation (including staging & professional photography), Pricing appropriately (not the wishing & hoping method), and Promotion (presenting your home to the widest range of qualified buyers). This is the method that will net a seller the most money!

My commitment to my clients is professionalism in all areas. Thus, I’ve studied and continue to study not just the market, but marketing. To that end, I’ve earned my Certification as a Real Estate Digital Marketer. To find out more, you may click the REDM website.

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